Loren Andreas named one of C&EN’s Talented 12 Class of 2019

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化学校友洛伦安德烈亚斯(博士'14),教授的学系 罗伯特·格里芬的家伙‘s research group, has been named one of Chemical & Engineering 新闻’ “有才华的12 - 类的2019”。 由赛默飞世尔科技,这个荣誉主办,目前已进入第五个年头,认识到年轻恒星的化学科学。


这项工作对颠覆M2的结构假设。此前,研究人员认为该蛋白具有四倍对称的四聚体,但它竟然是二聚体的二聚体。该发现具有质子运输的机制和抑制剂的结合位点,这可能是用来对抗流感的影响。 Andreas的作品‘开辟了什么事情是研究的一个巨大场核磁共振和结构生​​物学,说:’格里芬。 “他真的为我们打开了其余进入一扇门。”

目前的埃米诺特老乡,初中组组长在 马克斯·普朗克生物物理化学研究所 德国哥廷根,安德烈亚斯感应到今年的才华12在美国化学学会在加利福尼亚州圣迭戈,其中一个研讨会在最新的类,其中还包括坦诚leibfarth的到来而举办的最近一次会议上宣布,前在教授博士后研究员 蒂姆·贾米森的研究小组,并在北卡罗来纳大学当前副教授在Chapel Hill和劳伦zarzar,在教授前博士后 蒂姆锻细机的研究小组,在美国宾夕法尼亚州立大学目前的助理教授。

Using a rigorous review process, C&EN staff, Talented 12 alumni and members of the global chemistry community selected this year’s Talented 12 from a highly competitive pool of more than 500 nominees. The group includes chemists tackling what C&EN calls “some of the world’s most daunting problems.” Their research spans an array of impactful topics, from tracking pollutants in the Arctic to unravelling the chemistry and biology of human breastmilk.

“We are proud to present this year’s Talented 12 class here in San Diego,” says Bibiana Campos Seijo, Ph.D., editor-in-chief and vice president of C&EN Media Group. “This annual list of innovators features our most diverse science yet and is comprised of a group of young pioneers who are determined to change the world. As some of the brightest and most influential minds in the chemical sciences, there is no doubt they will shake up our field. The future is bright. Prepare to be inspired.”

“We are especially proud to partner with the ACS and C&EN on the Talented 12 initiative,” says Chris Armstrong, president, Laboratory Chemicals, Thermo Fisher Scientific. “Our organizations share a commitment to help the next generation of scientific talent bring chemistry to life. Together we will bring awareness to how innovations in chemistry are making a difference in the world, and we’re excited to follow these young chemists as their careers develop.”